Friday, February 21, 2014

Configuration of Delegate Management in Active Directory

        I.            Click on Start>Administrative Tools and select Active Directory Users and Computers.

        I.            Active Directory Users and computers window will be opened.
1.       Under Domain we can see Computes, DC, OU’s and Users.

1.       Right Click on User and select New and user.

1.       Give the First Name, Full Name and User logon Name and Click on Next.

1.       Give the Password and Conform Password and put a tick’s on User cannot change password, password never expires.
Click on next.

Click on Finish.

        I.            Here we can find the Test2 user is created under user List.

Right Click on user and Select Delegate Control.

Click on Next.

Click on Add.

Enter the object names to select (examples): Test2 and click on Check Names

Test2 user will be identified and it will be shown as Test2 ( and click on OK.

Click on Next.

Here we can see that Delegation of Control Wizard Window will be opened and select the option which you required. And click on Next.

Click on Finish.

After finish the steps once type the gpupdate.exe command in DOS command mode.