Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Deploying Adobe Flash Player via Group Policy


Get the Software

Go the the Adobe website (link provided below), and sign up for "Distribute Flash Player".
After answering a short questionaire, an email will be sent to validate your email address. After validation, a link will be sent where you can down load the msi file for either the active x or a plug-in version.

Copy the MSI to a UNC share

Copy the file to a UNC share (\\servername\sharename). Make sure that the share is accessible by the members of the OU you are going to assign it to.
If you deploy by computers, make sure that everyone or authenticated users have read permissions to the share.

Create Group Policy

Create a Group Policy Object to the OU you are deploying it to. I use the computer configuration.
Computer Configuration --> Software Settings --> Software installation.
Right-click, select New Package.
Navigate to the UNC location where the MSI is stored.
Use Assigned.


You will need to wait until replication has taken place and test on the computers that are a part of the OU you assigned it to.


Once testing is complete, you can link it to other OU's and deploy the package system