Wednesday, February 16, 2011

windows logon passwords Resetting

Windows Login Password You have cracked the BIOS password and are just about to say how lame this hack was, when you suddenly see Windows asking you for the login password and you go shit what do I do now? Well fret not this hack is even lamer than the previous one. After this hack you will know why a hacker running WinDoze is considered to be lame and why does a hacker laugh whenever someone says Microsoft and security in the same sentence. To hack the Windoze login password, reboot and wait for the message: “Starting Windows 9x…” When you see this on the screen press F8 the boot menu will come up. Select option 7. To boot into dos. Then goto to the Windows directory by typing C:\>cd windows

TIP: Keys that will affect the bootup process are F4, F5, F6, F8, Shift+F5, Control+F5 and Shift+F8. Try them out and see what happens!!!

Then rename all files with the extension .pwl by typing the following command: C:\windows>ren *.pwl *.xyz Or delete them by typing C:\windows>del *.pwl *.xyz Now when the Windows password login pops up you can write anything in the place where the windows login password is got to be typed. As you have renamed (or deleted although renaming then would be better as the victim will not know that his PC has been tampered with.)the windows password files windows cannot find that file so when you enter a password that you have made up in your mind Windows just takes it as the original password.